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By André Garnier

The first newsletter came out in February,1963. It was written by Jack Keohane, who was in charge of everything for the club. We used my business address, French Car Sales and Service, 25 Clyde Street, Buffalo, 15, New York. Back then, we called the club “A Registry” and all the cars were new.

Jack was the President and founder, and I was then the Vice President and helper. We attracted a group of DB owners first and then we got some Panhard owners, as the cars became more popular.

Some years ago, at the yearly meeting of the Federation des Clubs Panhard, I did announce that our club was the oldest Panhard club in existence. A lady, sitting around the big table, popped up from her seat, like a ‘jack in the box’. She was highly insulted and very unpleasant. She exclaimed, “How dare we, in this country, make a claim like this?” She was the President of “Les Doyennes de Panhard et Levassor”, which registers pre-war Panhards. She told us in no uncertain terms, “This makes you number 2!”

Current Report

The life of the club has ebbed and flowed over the years from very little participation to quite a bit. The challenge for a small club like this in a country as large as the United States is bringing everyone together over huge distances. Get-togethers at regional events such as the Pittsburgh Vintage car races, Carlyle Import Car Show and various regional Citroën Rendezvous have been about the best we have done so far. The newsletters and the web site have been the key to keeping the spirit of the club strong lately.

By John A. Peterson

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